Earth Hugger® is part of a proud family business that is a women-led,
minority-owned organization with over 50 years of product development, innovation
and procurement experience. Our journey has been anchored in innovation, strong retailer
partnerships and eco-friendly solutions. We have global partners and collaborations around
the world that help make our innovation, sourcing and product development efforts
unmatched. We have a team that is small, diverse, agile and just a ton of fun!
We all share a curious mindset that is focused on making what we do and how we
do it a little bit better every day. We all believe in progress over perfection,
that no one step is too small, and that we all have the responsibility to make
greener choices better, easier and more accessible to all.
We’ve been on our Earth Hugger® journey since 2014, and it’s one we’re never going to stop.