We are a small, agile, and fun team to work with, led by a female CEO and with a very diverse employee base. We source and manufacture a range of products with a variety of best-practice technologies. Our family history is founded on innovation and measured by high customer satisfaction. We look forward to working with you and together building a better planet.

Earth Hugger products are a growing assortment of Packaging, Mailing, Shipping, and Office supplies. Primarily manufactured in North America, Earth Hugger products are made using the most sustainable materials available, with the highest degree of recyclability. We provide total solutions to retailers and consumers.

At Earth Hugger, we support business-wide initiatives to reduce our consumption, reuse materials and recycle.  From rooftop solar panels to reduced paper and energy consumption, we encourage thoughtful sustainability. We utilize manufacturing processes, raw materials, and packaging that make use of best-in-class sustainability. Whenever possible, we are continually improving our products and processes to excel in a changing marketplace. We have long-standing relations with key suppliers and customers and extend this with new partners as needed.